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Rock Bub

ozziejulz in tns_au


 Just posted this to tegan n sara community so thought I should do it here too in case some of you don't see it...

Tickets for the shows go on sale September 11th.

Thursday Jan 8th: The Metro, Sydney, NSW 
Tickets on sale at www.ticketek.com.au or ph 132 849 & www.metrotheatre.com.au or ph 9550 3924

Friday Jan 9th: The Palace Theatre, Melbourne, VIC 
Tickets on sale at www.ticketek.com.au or ph 132 849

Sunday Jan 11th: HQ, Adelaide, SA
Tickets on sale at www.venuetix.com.au or ph 8225 8888 & www.oztix.com

I'm thinking of following them from Sydney to Melbourne to Adelaide though none of my friends are really into them so not really keen to do it on my own... Any interest?


I'm counting on going to the Adelaide show.. and if i don't i'll cry.
I think I'm going to cry if I don't sort out how to actually get tickets tomorrow!
Yeah I'm going to have to nag my friend about getting them.
D you think they will they sell fast? T and S don't get promoted like other bands do so I thought they might not as people may not know its on..

by the way.. wooo Soko!

Well at the moment it seems like hardly anyone would know about the shows apart from a few of us obsessed fans right? :)
It's not like it's been publicised anywhere...
So if tickets do come out tomorrow I reckon we're safe...

Yeah Soko! She's pretty awesome hey? Only a recent discovery for me....
okay cool.

only a recent discovery for me too. My friend recommended I listen to soko and architecture in Helsinki.. so i did cos her taste in music is decent enough that I trust her!

I only started coz I thought I was going to Byron for the festival and she's on the line up...
yeah me too. i was planning on going, but it fell through...
red chair Australia photoshoot

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