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inthezoo in tns_au

Australia Pre-Sale

Hey Aussie fans,

I've just checked Ticketek which states that the pre-sale doesn't begin until next Wednesday, 17 September, noon.

There's hardly information about the Melbourne show listed, so I'm not quite sure if both Sydney and Melbourne are sold at the same time. And what does 'Fan Club Pre-Sale' means? Anyone who knows about the Pre-Sale = in the Fan Club?

And Adelaide remains a mystery to me...

So yeah... don't go camping in front of your PC tomorrow!



Sweet - found it... Though no idea what a 'Fan Club Presale' is... Sounds a little weird to me...
Ah the girls on the other T&S comm says you'll just have to be a Ticketek member to enjoy the Pre-sale. So yes I'll be snapping up those tickets next week baby~ ;)
(And and I might just do the Sydney/Adelaide tours too. Just need to calculate some expenses!)
I'm still debating with myself on whether to do more than just the Sydney show... I really REALLY want to but can't see myself enjoying it doing it on my own...
Maybe I should go to the Melbourne show and combine it with a day of shopping :)
So you're considering all 3 shows?
I'm not quite sure, I haven't been to Adelaide and it's been ages since I last went to Sydney, so they're all worth the trips actually. A few days earlier in Sydney and extending a few nights in Adelaide sounds so good, but $$_$$. If I do hit up Sydney we could go together >.< and I'll definitely be in Melbourne if you're keen.. :)
I've only ever been to Adelaide once and I didn't think there was a whole lot to do there - but I could be wrong...
Very tempted to make the trip to Melbourne... Though I've already got a trip booked a couple of weeks later for the tennis...
Think I'd fly down Friday (obviously) and come back either late Saturday or early-mid Sunday (unless I decide to do the triple and head to Adelaide too).

AAHHHH!!! I'm still trying to decide whether to come down to Melbourne for the second show... And having watched their announcements for the US tour on youtube I'm thinking it's going to be an awesome tour...

Have you got your Melbourne ticket already? Do you reckon I should make the trip down? I really want to, and if I had someone else to do it with it wouldn't even be a question... Just not sure about doing the whole thing on my own...
I've bought tickets to Melbourne AND Sydney! Please do, I've already got a bunch of friends going together, you should join us! And I was wondering if we could crash couches...
I wish I could help you out there but I can't promise anything right now coz I'm moving out in December/January, and depending on when my friend sorts herself out it may or may not mean I have a couch to share!

So if I was going to offer you a couch to sleep on it'll have to be confirmed really close to the date I imagine...

Does sound like a good plan though!

Are you coming up to Sydney with others?
That will still be really cool, and I hope you're coming to Melbourne!
Nope I'm just be by myself then!
I'm thinking you haven't booked flights yet?
Thanks for the update!

Maybe T&S will be sending out an email about the shows and about the Pre-Sale?

Anyway, I'm going to go make sure I'm officially a member at Ticketek, and signed up for the mailing list, in case they announce anything that way.
Let's just wait for their Myspace updates!

Yes! I'm already in the mailing list and the one sent out today mentions nothing about T&S. Guess it's going to be hush-hush huh? How many shows are you heading for?
Ah, just the Melbourne one at this stage.
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